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No Byte Today

I am in Dublin. We relocated on Monday/Tuesday. My Internet access is going to be shaky for 5-10 days so I’m afraid today’s Byte is really just a quick Irish lesson.

We are living in Dublin until June. My husband is starting a PhD program. He’s from Dublin and there’s no tuition for him here. (In fact, even if you’re not from Ireland, college tuition here is pretty affordable compared to the US.)

We arrived yesterday morning. So far the weather has been amazing – which is great since I think it has rained every day this summer, until now. We are learning all about Irish bureaucracy. (You need a letter from the school to get a bank account, a letter from the bank to get a school pass, a letter from anywhere – except the one we had – to get a library card.)

We will be chronicling our year in Dublin on our blog ( – not much there yet (due to shaky access). But we’ll be posting soon, including pictures!

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