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Things on a Stick: Thing 3 & Thing 4

I had a little time today so I thought I’d dive back into the 23 Things on a Stick. Here’s how I fared:

Thing 3: RSS
RSS (really simple syndication) is not new to me. I have used it on several web sites to help tie in a blog with a web site. For example for the Minnesota Sesquicentennial, I built a standard web site. All necessary changes go through me. But I also set up a blog and a Flickr account so that the Sesquicentennial fellows could post blog article and pictures without my assistance. I used the RSS feeds to tie the blog and pictures into the web site homepage. So we have regular changes that I don’t have to administer.

I am not a use personal RSS user. I’ve signed up for RSS feeds with various readers in the past – but still I generally work through email. Today I tried signing up for the Google Reader and I subscribed to a couple of RSS feeds. I figure that Google was the way to go for me because I spend so much time with my Google account that I might actually stop to read the news as I work.

Thing 4: Flickr
OK I’m going to let myself test out of this. I have used Flickr for several projects. I think the best application, especially for librarian types is posting conference and meeting pictures via Flickr. It’s quick, it’s easy, and people can easily comment on the pictures.

I set up a Flickr account for a Minnesota Resort. That has made my life easier too – now the resort posts their own pictures, which saves me time but also we can post many more than when we posted them on our own web site.

I did enjoy checking out the Library of Congress Flickr account. I wish that they would set up an account of copyright-free photos to share online, if they have such things.

2 thoughts on “Things on a Stick: Thing 3 & Thing 4

  1. I tried a lot of RSS readers too and was not a regular reader until I added the feed to my iGoogle page. I still don’t read things daily, but try to get to it at least once a week to do a quick scan and see what people are talking about.

    I think that many library users would find these useful in their personal life if they have topics of interest.

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