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WordPress Glitch

OK today’s Byte is very, very specific. I just wasted an hour trying to figure out why my WordPress blog had suddenly gone wonky. The sidebar/navigation on the right dropped down to the bottom of the page.

I also wanted to send a fun link, since this is so specific. Here is a fun webcam look at Dublin. I thought you might enjoy watching us from afar on St Patrick’s Day next week: http://www.visitdublin.com/multimedia/DublinWebcam/dublin.aspx I’ll try to wave as we parade by the camera.

OK back to the blog issue … I had posted a new entry on (http://blandinonbroadband.wordpress.com/). I post here often. Well suddenly, the right hand side bar disappeared to the bottom of the page. Also I noticed a tiny emoticon smiley face next to the top post. It was in a place that I could not have put it.

I read where this might happen if you post an unusually large amount of text or a large image in a post. So, I removed all of the images – none of which were that large. Still, no go. I tried looking at each entry as a separate post – and nothing.

I hadn’t used any large images. I hadn’t posted longer than normal posts, but I had used a “click to read more” feature right after a bullet point, which threw the “click to read more” feature out of whack. It retained the tab from the bullet point, which pushed it further to the right than it should be. In the end I moved that feature a line or two (dodged the bullet) and all was well again.

It took forever to figure out because I couldn’t see the more/continuation feature when I looked at the individual post because once you click on the full post you drop that feature from the post view. Therefore the individual post looked good and only threw the sidebar out of whack when it was abbreviated.

So what about a smiley? I found that that the smiley face is part of the stats program. She’s called Angela. To track stats, they need to put a small but of code/text on the page – generally you can find her at the bottom of a WordPress blog, if they use WordPress stats.

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