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Sorry I was MIA last week. The Republican National Convention was held a couple miles from my house and I became a news junkie. I have to admit that I was more interested in what was going on around town because of the RNC than what happened at the RNC – but it kept me busy.

This week I wanted to share a quick tool that will help you edit photos.

You don’t need to register – you simply upload your photo or other image. Then you can do basic editing, resize, rotate, crop, change contrast, colors, sharpness and red-eye. Then you can save it to your desktop, your Flickr account, Facebook, or email it to a friend.

It seems to deal with only the most popular image formats (jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff and a couple others). But say you had a digital photo you wanted to post online or send to someone without overwhelming their email in-box, you could use Picnic to resize and you’re in good shape.

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