6 thoughts on “MyContactForm test form

  1. myContactForm.com should work under WordPress. I would be very interested in helping you to get it to work (I am the head programmer with myContactForm.com). Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

  2. Nick,

    Can I first say that I *love* MyContactForm? I mean love! I work on a lot of different web sites and MyContactForm seems to always work (except the WordPress test above). I no longer have to mess around with loads of different servers and then write a forum in cgi or php or whatever. It has been a huge time saver for me.

    When I get time I will look at this issue again and I will contact you if I can’t figure it out. WordPress is so fussy that I had assumed it probably wouldn’t work and so didn’t try very hard when I was proved right.

    Thanks! Ann

  3. Nick,

    Thanks for the update – that’s great! I just helped someone get connected to your service again. It remains one of my favorite online tools!

    Thanks! Ann

  4. I just used this on a site with a Content Management System and it worked. I was a little nervous but I figured the work to get it on WordPress would help other places too.

    I love MyContactForm!

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