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Pics on Google Maps

This isn’t going to change the world for you – but the other day I noticed something fun with Google Maps and directions ( The next time you get directions from Google Maps, before you print them out for the car, check out the little cameras on each step. They now provide quick video/scan pictures of your turns. They don’t seem to have every turn in their database – but they have a lot.

It’s fun to check it out if you are away from home and a little homesick or if you are more visual than map-focused. I thought it might also be good to check out if you were going to someplace where you didn’t know the language – but I tested it out with some directions for my old neighborhood in Spain and there were no pictures, yet.

On a related note: I took an informal poll of former Mapquest fans and we all felt as if we were now better served by Google. We felt that the directions were better. There’s nothing scientific about the poll – but if you haven’t tried Google Maps, it’s worth it.

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