Web 2.0

Utterli – part podcast, part Twitter

I’m not a big user (yet), but I wanted to send a note out about Utterli. I think it’s part podcast, part Twitter.

It’s free and easy tool and maybe a better way to go for folks who would rather talk than write. The tool is Utterli http://www.utterli.com

Just sign up for a free account. They will send you an email with instructions including a phone number that you can call to record a message. They will post that recording online and you can then sign in online to get the address of the new recording to paste into a blog post or web site or Twitter or email message…

Here’s my very brilliant first utter: http://www.utterli.com/u/utt/u-ODM5OTYyNQ

One last nice feature – you can set up and record a conference call on too.

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