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Wolfram Alpha

Remember when I used to be so good about the Byte of the *Week*? Well, to make up for the days I’ve been late, I thought I’d send one early:

Wolfram Alpha:

It’s a new search engine that focuses on computation power. So I typed in “to be or not to be” and the answer is OK. But I type in [$100 in euros] and I get the exchange rate, a history of the exchange rate, comparison to other currencies.

You can learn a ton more about it here:

 Thanks to Aileen in Minneapolis for sending it to me.

2 thoughts on “Wolfram Alpha

  1. The wolfram engine is fascinating and over time will become very useful to anyone who works a lot with data. Here is another useful search tool . . .

    Do a Google search. When the results page comes up, look to the upper left of the screen and click on “Show Options” and then look for “Wonderwheel” on the same general area and click on it. Pretty cool.

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