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Twitter shortcuts

Last week I talked about why you might want to Twitter. So I’m sure you’ve all jumped in and have been Tweeting ever since. Here are a few commands that will

#topic – I talked about this last week; it allows you to tag or add a subject to your message such as #worldseries for baseball fans (I made that up). The topics are very ad hoc.

FOLLOW username: turns on notifications for a specific individual (you’ll need to know their Twitter username)
LEAVE username: turns off notifications for a specific individual
DELETE username: deletes person from your following lsit

D username: sends a private message to a specific individual
@username: sends a public message to a specific individual; this message will archive in their replies tab, and be visible on your profile page

WHOIS username: returns bio info for a Twitter member
GET username: returns the last update from a specific individual
FAVE username: marks the last update of a user as a favorite

INVITE number/email: invites a friend via SMS/text message to join Twitter
STATS: returns statistics

ON: turns phone notifications on
OFF: turns phone notifications off

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