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Adding Twitter Feed to Blog sidebar

Sorry I’ve been terrible about the Byte of the Week lately. I’m back in Ireland – but only for 6 weeks. You can see what we’re doing here: http://10qs.wordpress.com/

Sticking with the Twitter theme I started a while ago I wanted to end by talking about how you can add your Twitter feed to your blog. Next week I promise to not be so geeky.

In the latest version of WordPress, you simply need to add the “Twitter” widget. Then add your username to the widget and you should be set up.

For older versions of WordPress..

  1. Go to your Twitter Account:
    http://twitter.com/AnnT – the address will look something like this except with your name, not mine. You can get to it by going to http://www.twitter.com and clicking on your picture (assuming you have a Twitter account).
  2. Click on the “RSS feed of ___’s updates” link. Copy the address of that page.
  3. Go to your blog.
  4. Click on Presentation.
  5. Click on Widgets.
  6. Drag an RSS box into the sidebar.
  7. Double click on the box and add enter in the address of the RSS feed (as found above.)

For Blogger

  1. Go to settings, click on Layout
  2. Add a Gadget
  3. Choose Feed – and again enter the RSS feed address as found above.

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