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I gave a presentation this week on how to use Twitter and Blogging to help with a job search. The quick answer is that both give you an opportunity to show off your expertise, build and/or show up your tech skills and through each you can subtly reach  out to potential employers. (Post a nice comment about them on your blog or start following them on Twitter.)

One thing that came up was an easy way to update your Twitter, Facebook, Linked… The answer is Ping.fm http://ping.fm Like most good tools, it’s free.

You sign up, you check the networks you would like to update via Ping – then you update Ping when you want to send a message to all of your networks. Now you just have to think of something worthy of such wide reaching broadcast.

2 thoughts on “Ping.fm

  1. Ann, I’ve been using Ping FM for over a year now and it works great. It also will automatically create a short link, which means that you can often go 20-30 characters over the 140 limit and that feature will bring you back into compliance.

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