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Learning Zone at MLA

Earlier this week I gave a presentation at the Minnesota Library Association. I spoke to Friends’ Groups about hot o use social media. It was a fun presentation. Some folks in the room were big social media users; others weren’t sure what a blog was.

One special and unexpected treat was running into a client – Learning ZoneXpress. I have been working with LZE on social media strategies – so I couldn’t resist taking a picture to add them to my blog. (Sometimes they offer free things and super deals on their blog, I’m just saying.)

art 001

4 thoughts on “Learning Zone at MLA

  1. I think you need an event page on your site so we can see where you will be speaking next. I’d love to be an audience member. You are always at the leading edge of information! Could you blog about the importance of videos on organization websites?

  2. The presentation on social media tools like YouTube to establish a story is valuable to those attending in northern MN. How about a duplicating the presentation in the Twin Cities?

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