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Two good tech conferences

I have been totally negligent in the Byte lately and I’m cheating today by sharing news, not a tip. I apologize but I wanted to send a heads up about two events that are coming up. Also I just posted notes from a presentation I gave today on telling a story using social media: (It actually does contain tips.) It was a webinar and I hope soon to write about giving a webinar. It’s hard but I think I picked up some tips that might make life easier for you should you ever be in a position to present for a webinar.

Here are the events:
The Twin Cities Media Alliance will hold its 2009 Fall Media Forum on Saturday November 7, at the Hennepin County Library Central branch, 300 Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (It’s free.) The theme for this year’s forum is Networking And The New Media Landscape: Reporting News, Building Community, Making Money. Learn more here:

Realizing Our Broadband Future: Getting from Here to There
Wednesday, November 18 – Thursday, November 19, 2009 (Cost $105) held in Duluth
Blandin Foundation’s 2009 Broadband Conference will focus on the future of Minnesota communities, providing community leaders with the information and tools they need to position their communities in the future.  

In the next week I will find time to write up a tip!

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