Web 2.0

Why use video?

Last weekend I went to the Twin Cities Media Alliance conference (Networking Across the New Media http://tcmediaforum.wik.is/). I learned about video from Matt Peiken and Jason Barnett.

I learned a lot. I learned tow good reasons to do video. First, I learned that the advantage of video over other social media is that it’s easy to share video. Potential partners and fans can easily embed your video on their site – as opposed to linking to you blog post or Twitter. A link is great – but it’s not as inviting as embedded content. Second, potential partners and others cannot aggregate your video. They really have to show it asis.

Hmm. I haven’t through of that. It makes the case for making sure that your name and contact info is all over the video.

A couple of random tips I picked up – be sure to label, tag and describe your video. iVideo (http://www.ivideoapp.com/) was offered as good video editing tools.

Kind of a different Byte today but I thought that was worth sharing. I’m hoping to look into learning more about video editing in early 2010. So maybe I’ll have more info then.

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