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Due to the time difference, we’re back home from the parade and the rest of the festivities. We wisely choose to participate only in events that target the whole family. But I’m using the holiday to cheat today because I don’t have a tip to share so much as I wanted to share one of my favorite sites:

TED: Ideas Worth Sharing:

It’s a collection of videos from TED conferences. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. The presenters speak for about 20 minutes on a huge range of topics – but I have enjoyed all of the ones I’ve seen. They speak about their industry but the idea of creativity and innovation always seem to shine through and I always feel like I learn something useful.

I’ve been a fan for a while but I have a renewed interest after attending a TEDx event at the Science Gallery in Dublin last week. TEDx are independent TED events. I wrote a post on it on our family blog, which may or may not be worth reading – but I will tell you that the presentations were great because the presenters had such a passion for what they did. I know a ton more about basking sharks after the event:

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