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Coupons, Computer Repair, Visit Dublin

Today’s Byte of kind of a hodge podge of things I’ve been meaning to mention. Most are kind of Minnesota-specific so I apologize to folks outside the Twin Cities.

First – my favorite online newspaper (Twin Cities Daily Planet) is now offering daily discounts – kind of like Groupon: The special today is for Surdyk’s, a great wine and cheese shop. Earlier this week they featured a Minneapolis sushi restaurant. (One difference between TCDP and Groupon is that you have more than a day to buy.)

Second – When I went home last month I went with a very broken computer and a lot of tears. Luckily I got a heads up on a great computer repair place: General Nanosystems They could not have been nicer or cheaper and they got my computer working again.

Finally just in case you’re ever thinking of visiting Dublin, I think this is the best guide of free events in Dublin: I know it won’t be useful to most of you this week – but someday you may be glad to know about it.

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