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Library Thing

Today’s Byte is kind of fun – thanks to Rick in Minneapolis for sending it to me. It’s Library Thing ( It’s part online catalog tool, it’s part social media. You can sign up with just a name and password. Then you can enter your book collection. How you define collection is up to you. It could be the books you own, books you’ve read, books you want to read…

Because Library Thing taps into a larger catalog, you don’t have to enter a lot of data to add your book. Just do a search and chance are you just need to select the right book. So you can think of your own reasons to catalog your books – I think I might challenge my kids to catalog their summer reading.

Once your online, Library Thing can give you book recommendations (or un-recommendations as they can them), can find you an online discussion or real live event in your area and more. Now I noticed that they didn’t list a few events in my area that I thought they would. If I were a better Library Thing citizen, I’d add them.

Happy reading!

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