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Happy Bloomsday

OK it’s a cheater Byte – although I wish I could offer a reward for the reader who can fit Bloomsday into conversation the most today.

Bloomsday is anniversary of the day that James Joyce’s Ulysses takes place. Ulysses is a day in the life of Leopold Bloom as he makes his way across Dublin (on June 16, 1904). It features a side story of Stephen Dedalus’ day as well. Here’s a great Bloomsday for Dummies site:

We are going to spend the day following his path – well kind of. We skipped the naked swim in the ocean – but we might catch a pint in the pub for lunch. And yes, I’ve actually read the book, but remember I have an MA in Irish Lit so I sort of had to read it. If you love mythology, words and/or Dublin you’d enjoy it.

Have a great Bloomsday!

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