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Flickr vs Picasa

Earlier this week someone asked me which was better Flickr or Picasa, both are online photo sharing tools. I have used both – but I must admit that I found some articles from other experts rather than do extensive research myself. (After all I’m a librarian, not a tester!)

I found a couple of articles that lay out the differences: – a great article – but it doesn’t give an opinion per se – they lean towards Picasa, but give some good reasons and mention other tools – they lean towards Flickr

It seems as if Flickr may be best if you want to build a community – for example invite others to add their image to your collection. Picasa is better if you think folks might want to download the images for any reason. The second article mentioned Facebook – which might be worth considering if your main goal is reaching people and you already dabble in Facebook at all.

3 thoughts on “Flickr vs Picasa

  1. I think there are ‘copyright’ issues with FB, ie. you assign them some level of copyright. ie. something along the lines of they can re-use it, if needed?
    You may want to confirm this.

  2. IMHO FLickr is much better. It has more users, more features and looks more polished. Basically if you’re a photographer you will get more ppl looking at your stuff than at Picasa. Maybe Picasa is better for private albums.

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