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Email Management Tips

I’m cheating this week by passing on tips that one of my customers is passing on to their patrons:

Here’s a quick take on the article on handling email:

1. Lower the volume.
2. Don’t ask to be kept “in the loop.”
3. Return email in batches.
4. Be clear.
5. Spell correctly.
6. Leave the iPhone or Blackberry at your desk sometimes.
7. Remember, email is not your job.

Here’s where I got it: Because I am in Ireland I’ve been learning to live some of these tips already. Essentially I quite look at email at 5 pm (MN time). Then when I go back to it (at 2 am MN time) I find I can get through it much quicker than if I were answering messages as they came in.

Also I wanted to share another fun thing a different client is doing: You can follow their little Garden Hero toys around the world on their blog or Facebook:!/learningzonexpress (My 7 year old has grown to love these little fruit and veg dolls!)

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