Client Examples

Client example: Keyword research & placement

You can never rank too highly on the search engines. Sometimes I hear from folks who have not paid much attention to search engines; sometimes I hear from folks who have been paying attention but for some reason run into hiccups. Return2Ftiness had paid attention for search engines. In fact they ranked very well for shoulder brace – but not as well for knee braces.

The site is well constructed, very functional, they had done a lot to get links into the site. The question was – why was knee brace not doing as well as should brace?

Return2Ftiness has a sister site in the UK. So my first concern was the chances of duplicate content – but the pages were sufficiently different so as not to confuse a search engine. (Although we also noted that they have had issues getting listed on DMOZ and I think perhaps the cause there was that an Editor didn’t take the time to recognize the site differences. We’re trying again there.)

We did find space for improvement. Specifically we add some keyword-rich content to the top of the knee brace page to help search engines make the connection between the specific product names and the general term. Also we moved the link to the specific page up in the navigation. So that search engines would see that this page is prominent in the site structure, which generally indicates importance.

We’re currently waiting for results – but I thought the steps we took might be helpful to others.

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