Web 2.0

LinkedIn for busiensses

I’m totally cheating today. I‘m heavily borrowing tips today from an article I can across:

A Guide to Generating Leads on LinkedIn. http://tinyurl.com/3bcmvpn

The author provides some good reason for folks to go on LinkedIn – and they don’t all revolve around getting a job. As the title implies – it’s a great tool for getting business, especially I think if you’re in a business to business world.

Here’s a quick take on their tips:

  • Track who is looking for you – and find a way to reach them
  • Research who is coming to your web site and use LinkedIn to connect to them
  • Set up a Company Page (not a ton of maintenance is required, which I like)
  • Discern patterns – seeing who is connected/connecting to anticipate future move
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups to build a rep and meet others

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