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SEMRush & Free webinar on Facebook Pages

This week I got a chance to try out a paid service thanks to SEMRush. They track organic search engine ranking and Pay Per Click ads.

Type in a keyword phrase to find the popularity of a term, the cost per click to bid on that term in Google ads, the competition for that terms and related terms. You can also find the top 20 search results for that term. I particularly like the related terms feature. They include variation of term (for example tracking multi-term phrases that include your original term) but also include terms that relate but do not include your keyword terms.

Or type in an address/URL to find how it ranks in Google for its top terms (also popularity of terms, competition and traffic drive by terms), how much spent on Google ads, competitors and links to details about competitors, such as how much they spend on Google ads. It’s helpful to see the competition and learn about how much they are spending (and with what success) on the Google ads.

Also Thursday (Dec 15) at noon, I’m doing a free webinar on Starting a Facebook Page for Business. Everyone is welcome it’s sponsored by MNREM and MIRC – you can get more details here:

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