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Facebook page edits

A couple of weeks ago I gave a presentation on Creating Facebook Pages for businesses. You can see the slides and access an archive of the webinar here:

(I’m doing another free webinar on Facebook stats on January 5 – you can get details here: http://www.mnrem.com/blog/?p=548)

An interesting question came up after the webinar. Someone asked why they were able to EDIT someone else’s Page. It turns out that you can edit the location of a Business Facebook Page – or rather you can make suggestions for edits. It’s a new-ish change within Facebook and it helps Facebook and Page owners track anomalies in the address/map and other coordinates for the Page. You can get more into here:

So folks can suggest changes but the changes should not “take” until confirmed by a Page Admin.

Here are some other help pages on Facebook that I thought might be useful:

Interacting with Pages (as a surfer/member)

Creating/Administering Facebook Pages

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