Making Life Easier / Web 2.0 / Web Developer Tools for easy infographics

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA again. My excuse was that I went to TED Global in Edinburgh and then Dublin. In fact I’m still in Dublin. But I ran across a tool that was so cool I had to get my act together to share: –

It allows you to build infographics fairly easily. I built one today:

There are a few themes you can use. You can add or change objects, text, background based on your needs. Like any new tool, it’s a little poky as you figure out the basics. One tip, the key with this tool is click and drag. I did a lot of useless double clicking.

My goal this year had been to learn how to better present information graphically. I had just about given up – but with I feel like I may be back on track! (Speaking of back on track I will try to post more often.)

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