Making Life Easier

Task Rabbit

I’m hoping to feature a couple of tools or ideas I learned about at TED last month – such as…

Task Rabbit

It’s a matchmaking website that pairs people who need tasks done with people who do tasks. My favorite example is IKEA assembly: If you have a job you want done, you can post it with post your top price. Task Rabbits will bid on the job. You can take the lowest bid – or you can check out their reviews and bios and choose based on what you find there. (Task Rabbit does background checks!)

I think it’s a fantastic way to get things done and/or earn extra cash doing something you presumably like and/or are skilled at doing. Task Rabbit has not come to Minnesota yet – although they are in Chicago. If it sounds interesting – consider signing up to get them to come to your area: (OK clearly I’ve selfishly asked you all to chime in for the Twin Cities – but you can find your area too.)

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