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Snap Chat – a warning for parents

I’m on the road this month doing lots of training. One new thing I’ve learned about is Snap Chat:

SnapChat: – it is a photo-sharing app that lets you text a picture that disappears within one to 10 seconds. You take a picture with your phone, send it to your friend; they can view it for a few seconds and it disappears.

I guess the idea is that you can send a funny face to your friend or maybe a picture of a cookie right before you eat it, although I’m not sure this is how the app is playing out in the real world. From what I’ve heard, kids are using this to send pictures that may not be entirely appropriate. Unfortunately, while the image does disappear there is a fairly easy way to capture it if you’re fast enough.

It’s probably worth warning/reminding the kids in your life to be smart.

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