Facebook training and random selection tool

I know it has been literally months since I last sent out a Byte of the Week. Sorry! I’ve been busy and distracted but I’m willing to try to get on track again.

This week I am doing training on business use of Social Media in Lac qui Parle County. Below are the PowerPoints from the class:

One question came up in both sessions – when I run a Facebook contest, how can I select a random winner of recent likes?

WooBox has a solution – it’s easy and free. http://blog.woobox.com/2013/08/free-tool-to-pick-winners-and-export-likes-comments-on-facebook-posts/

Using it, you can randomly select a new Facebook “like” or commenter. You can’t select a recent Facebook “share” because that’s against the Facebook rules. Also you can export your fans based on likes and comments. It’s pretty straightforward to use.






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