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Twitter Analytics: Learn and modify to reach more people

Have you checked out your Twitter followers lately? You might know how many people follow you or how may you follow. You may keep an eye on who Retweets you or mentions you – but did you know you can learn a lot more than that?

Visit the Twitter Analytics site: – login with your usual credentials.

You’ll see that this is also the place to buy ads. But in terms of stats you can learn:

  • Timeline Activity: what’s the reaction to your Tweets? Take a look and see if you can replicate successful Tweets.
  • Followers: See where your followers live, their gender and their interests. Interests are pretty general. Again use that info to be sure to hit topics that might be of interest – especially if location ties into your business and you are looking for more followers in a certain area. Don’t be shy about posting Retweet-worthy posts about that area.
  • Website: track the relationship between Twitter and your website. This does require you to add code to your website.

Another tool I find help? Simply Measured for more info on Twitter followers: They will email you a free report that tracks more info on your followers. Check out who has the most followers and see if you can get them to Retweet you – assuming of course that their audience would be of value to you.

Knowing the who, how and figuring out the why will help you be more strategic in what you do with your Tweets.

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