Back to Bytes of the Week for 2015: Yapp for Easy App Development

My New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to learn one new thing a week and share it on the Byte of the Week blog. I know it’s been defunct for more than a year now but I’m reviving it – starting with…


Yapp is a free online tool that will walk you through the process of developing a mobile app. I used it to create an app for a conference in November:

So here’s the trick – for free you can’t create the *most* dynamic app in the world but you can create an app that will easily link to a lot of existing information. In the example of a conference app, you could easily link to a website, a hotel for reservation, and social media channels, photos or videos. You can also create an agenda (including times) and/or a contact database to share with attendees. Tying into social media channels offers an easy way to allow attendees to communicate with each other through the app too.

It doesn’t require any coding – but you’d want to understand social media channels and be comfortable using technology to get it started. Building an app on Yapp also gives you a better idea of what other apps that are out there can do.

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