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Sucuri: monitors and removes malware from websites

Today’s Byte isn’t about a free service – although I usually like to feature free services. But this service is so good it’s worth touting even though it isn’t free.


Sucuri provides firewall services for servers. I don’t know much about that. They also provide website antivirus services. They monitor websites looking for evidence of a hacked site, injected malware and/or Google blacklisting. If they find it they email you and they set out to fix it.

There was a time when few small sites were hacked. Them days is gone, Joxer! I won’t say that most or even half of the websites on which I work have been hacked but it’s certainly more commonplace – especially with WordPress sites. Yet, WordPress is such an easy and free Content Management System, I’d hate to move away from it.

The trouble with a hacked site – from the admin perspective – is that it might take an hour to fix, it might take days. Using Sucuri, I have found that the time it takes to get a site up and running is much quicker. They are simply better with malware removal than I ever want to be. The time I spend involved in the process is reduced as well. I no longer risk losing a day having to drop everything. They do it for me.

The prices is $99/year for one site; $300/year for 2-5 sites; $500/yr for up to 10 sites.

So take it for what it’s worth – an unsolicited ringing endorsement – but from someone who is very cheap and has no relationship (other than happy customer) with Sucuri.

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