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Résumé Templates and more

A friend asked me yesterday about résumé templates online. After 10 minutes of searching I remembered by old friend Microsoft templates: They have templates for just about anything – graduation invitations, expense reports, résumé and more. Just do a search on the template you need. Click on the name of the template in the … Continue reading

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State Newslines

A couple of years ago I talked about Google Alerts. ( In short, you tell Google to track certain terms and they send you an email when they add web sites that contain those terms to their database. I love it for tracking rural broadband issues. (I track that kind of thing: I wished … Continue reading

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Posting PPT Online

Last summer I looked high and low for an affordable tool to easily and attractively post PowerPoint slides online. Well, this week I finally found a tool I liked PointCast ( (Cost was $100.) I used it recently to upload a presentation on email newsletters: It was very easy to use. Once I downloaded … Continue reading