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Watch Dog for your Web Site

Maintaining a large – or even mid-sized – web site can be a full time job. In fact, if you want a web site that is dynamic enough to attract and retain traffic, I strongly suggest hiring a web editor. For those of you who just want to make sure you’re site is working, I have a tip.

Seven Twentyfour will monitor your site for you. Actually, they have several services:

  • LinkChecking – checks links to and from your site (from $99 annual)
  • PageChecking – tests your HTML coding (from $299 annual)
  • RankChecking – monitors your ranking on the search engines (from $199 annual)

You can sign up for a free trial. I did and I was pretty impressed. All of the tests are automated. So, they cannot entirely replace the work of a web editor, but they can save an editor the time it takes to check links, codes, and rankings that are working. Seven Twentyfour will alert you when there is a problem – which is a real time saver and helps you put your best foot forward online.

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